Is Nitrology Ice Cream safe? 
Of course! Our food-grade liquid Nitrogen completely evaporates out of your ice cream before you eat it. It leaves no residue and is 100% safe for consumption.  

Did you know? Every living creature contains Nitrogen but the earth's crust and mantle contains very little.


What is Liquid Nitrogen?
Nitrogen is an odorless, colorless and tasteless element that exists most naturally in a gaseous state. 
In its liquid state, Nitrogen is super-cooled to -320° F. When the liquid Nitrogen is exposed to temperatures above -320° F it immediately begins to boil and vaporize, transforming back into a gas.

Did you know? 78% of Earth's atmosphere is Nitrogen gas.


What is the difference between Nitrology and ‘store bought’ ice cream?
Nitrology ice cream is more dense and creamy than traditional ice cream because it contains fewer air bubbles. The rapid freezing of the base also retains smaller fat and water molecules. This gives the ice cream its ultra-creamy taste and texture. It's made-to-order, with the freshest ingredients and the best part is you can customize it with endless flavor and mix-in combinations. 

Did you know? Ice Cream with more air bubbles melts quicker.


What's with the ‘smoke’?
Liquid Nitrogen “boils” at -320.4° Farenheit. Pouring it into cream causes it to roil, boil and vaporize into billows of Nitrogen vapor.

Did you know? In the periodic table of elements the atomic number for Nitrogen is 7 and its symbol is N.